Todd Madeiros

Todd Madeiros

Vice President of eBay Motors, North America

Since joining eBay two decades ago shortly after the company’s inception, Todd Madeiros has held numerous roles, and currently serves as Vice President of eBay Motors, North America, one of the world’s largest marketplaces for buying and selling all things automotive. In addition to vehicles and parts & accessories (P&A), Todd oversees WHI Solutions, a software and digital catalog solution company for auto parts distributors and sellers, acquired by eBay in 2012. Passionate about bringing new buyers to the platform and creating exceptional shopping experiences, Todd recently oversaw the launch of eBay Motors Virtual Tech in the U.S. market, which allows buyers to purchase installation services and receive expert advice. Between 1998 and 2006, Todd held various positions at eBay, including Managing Director of eBay Canada, where he took the lead opening eBay’s Canadian office. During hiatus from eBay, he spent over a decade running his own ecommerce Parts and Accessories and vehicles businesses, Open Road Ventures and All Things Jeep. Todd is a graduate from of the Program for Business Management at San Jose State University.


E-Commerce Best Practices in the Automotive Aftermarket
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